Radial Bones Pedals


Texas Overdrive:

Texas Overdrive 2:

Hollywood Overdrive:

Hollywood Overdrive 2:

London Overdrive:

Hopefully that gives you guys an idea of what these pedals can do. Of course there are a lot more settings to tweak with, and your playing style determines a lot of the sound, so there’s a lot more to uncover in these pedals. I leave you with the last take we did. A string broke and that’s why there is only one clip of the London. 🙂

Until Next Time
The Bearded Man


~ by beardsandgear on May 1, 2010.

One Response to “Radial Bones Pedals”

  1. I was fortunate enough to have all of the tested units (as well as most of the Radial line) in my home studio for a weekend. I also had a TS9 and TS10, Fulltone Mosfet, OCD, and Trower, and two BK Tube Drivers (with and w/o bias). Strat on Hot Rod Deluxe for reference (w/JBL e120 in this case).

    My mission was to pick just one box for my pedal board. While I liked the idea and setup of the TriMode, I could not coax the sound that I wanted out of it. I did get addicted to the idea of one box having two levels (rhythm crunch and solo boost). Out of all the sounds, I found the Texas and OCD to be most appealing and flexible. The Hollywood sounded…well like I expected…an L.A. Fuzz box…OK, but not for me. The London did have that British vibe to it. Perhaps an accurate sound, but not the sound that I desired.

    Ultimately I fell for the Texas. It’s very “musical” sounding like the OCD, but has the added benefit of a second setting. I also ended up with a PB1 boost. I like the way it drives my amp when I am running clean. I really don’t use it in conjunction with the Texas, in fact I have it towards the end of my chain as a boost and not to drive my other pedals. You may gasp that I would not use the drag in the beginning of my chain, but I operate wireless and use a Dragster on my strap out of my transmitter.

    All in all, if it’s Radial, the quality is an industry benchmark (as in their DI’s). You just need to find the right sound.

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