5 Reasons NOT To Grow A Beard

I like to present a fair case in all matters here on Beards and Gear and I’ve given a bit too much attention on why you SHOULD grow a beard. Here are the top 5 reasons not to grow a beard.

1. You grew a beard and your wife left you. Time to get rid of it.

2. You’re not good with long term commitments. In some ways a beard takes more effort than a marriage. Don’t go into it flippantly.

3. You frequently play with fire. Your beard is essentially kindling attached to your face.

4. You hate King Leonidas and wish to dishonor his great legacy by not mirroring his image.

5. You’re simply not awesome enough to handle the glory of a beard.

Until Next Time
The Bearded Man


~ by beardsandgear on November 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “5 Reasons NOT To Grow A Beard”

  1. #6. your mother is from Greek decent and you get mistaking for a terrorist on ever flight to anywhere east
    #7. you really enjoy eating candied apples and chicken wings dipped in bbq sauce

  2. #8. It comes in patchy, and you look less like a viking and more like a meth addict who beds down in a hickory shack in rural Mississippi.

    #9. You’re far too lazy to take care of it, and your daily hygiene routine is sadly lacking. Thus, a beard becomes nothing more than a reeking food scrap repository.

  3. hey I appreciate the beard posts even if the gear posts go a little over my head. However I couldn’t easily navigate to any post that has tips on growing a chin squirrel. You got any advice lying about? I’m doing my own post ‘7 things to keep in mind when growing a beard’. Any tips for a noobie would be much appreciated

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