Universal Audio Apollo Preview

Ever since Thunderbolt was first announced I’ve been wondering when someone was going to step up and actually take advantage of it. Seemingly it was technology that answered the prayers of so many of us with several devices hanging off of a single firewire port. UA has stepped up as the first company to answer the call, and then some!

UA has yet to make a name for themselves in the audio interface market, but with the Apollo I think they now stand to turn it on its head. For IO, it’s pretty standard with 8 analog in and out, as well as optical and spdif. It comes standard sporting a FW800 port, but the Thunderbolt expansion option has been announced and should be right around the corner.

I’ve yet to hear this box, but knowing how good their converters were on their old 2192, and how good the converters on the 4-710D are I’ll be surprised if these don’t hold up to the likes of the Fireface, and Apogee Ensemble. There’s not much doubt that the pre’s will be solid as well, probably something close to the sound of the 4-710D again.

To top it off they added a feature that is probably my favorite, and most likely to make me consider one of these boxes. The UAD processing that they’ve become famous for is inside the box. You can get it with either Duo or Quad processing inside which means that you’re no longer stuck having to install PCI cards or daisy chain yet another FW device with their Satellite processors. This means that UAD plug-ins (which rock by the way) can now be incorporated into your system without having to tack on one of their external processors.

I can’t wait to hear this box, but it’s a safe bet that it will be at the top of my wish list this year.

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The Bearded Man


~ by beardsandgear on January 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Universal Audio Apollo Preview”

  1. sound like a winner can’t wait

  2. Great name for your site 🙂

    The apollo really is amazing, its my favourite soundcard i have ever owned. That teamed up with my neve8816 really makes amazing sound quality

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