Toontrack EZ Keys Review

I just got done checking out something that will change the world of songwriting, arranging, and computer based music creation for most of us! That something is EZ Keys from Toontrack. I’m sure most of you are familiar with their product EZ drummer, a tool that I’ve been using for songwriting for years now. When I first heard about EZ keys I assumed it was going to be a less expensive, not quite as amazing sounding alternative to something like Ivory. It turns out I was only partially correct.

While there is the side of EZ keys that is a simple, decent sounding, small file size piano plug-in the main component and what has me so jazzed up about it is the songwriting component. Much like they did with EZ drummer, you have preset grooves and patterns that you can use for piano. This way, if you’re not an accomplished piano player, which most of us aren’t, you can get some really great sounding MIDI performances that are drag and drop. You can arrange different patterns right inside of EZ keys, transpose, rearrange, edit chords, etc and then move it all over into your DAW for further use.

Also, if you’re completely ignorant when it comes to things like music theory (don’t feel bad I’m right there with you), chord structure, etc they have incorporated a bunch of tools that open this world wide open to you. When you drag a MIDI pattern (of which there are tons included in various styles) into the arranger window, it automatically lists the chords above the pattern so you could easily play along on another instrument. You can also open up a little chord wheel that kind of looks like the decoder pin in A Christmas Story and it will show you all available chords, variations of those chords, and voicings. Then you can click one, and the pattern automatically changes.

A really cool feature for those of us oblivious to theory is that when you open the chord wheel it highlights which chords would be a good match for that particular progression. You can choose any, but they give you some guidance. Also, there is a randomize button which will take the chords currently in the progression and completely randomize them while adding in other chords that will compliment the progression. Through this you could take the same performance and create limitless songs out of it by simply selecting a new key, clicking randomize, and playing back.

Being a guitarist, drummer, and songwriter the one thing that I’ve always struggled with is keys. Piano and organ naturally fit into the styles of music that I write, but outside of knowing basic triads, and being able to noodle my way across the keyboard, I’ve always had to outsource my piano work to other players. While that’s not a bad thing, and I love collaborating, when it’s 3am and I’m trying to bang out a song idea that is screaming for some piano, EZ Keys has just become my savior. The included performances are fantastic, they’re useful, and they’re organized much like EZ drummer into styles, and then subcategorized into Verse, Chorus, and Bridge folders. In about 20 seconds you could have an entire song written on piano that will sound shockingly authentic.

One cool addition that they’ve included is a tutorial aspect. They include over 20 pages of very digestible information on music theory and include basic MIDI files to accompany these “lessons.” You can also slow down progressions and go into a “visual” mode that lets you see the fingering of the chords on an actual piano so you could practice along. Honestly, I think they may have accidentally created one of the coolest piano training tools out there, and they don’t even know it.

The one downside to EZ keys is the piano sounds. They are good, not great, and there is only one piano to choose from. You can edit it with some built in effects, but that’s about it. I’m assuming that there will be expansions down the road, much like they’ve done with EZ drummer, but this one downside isn’t really a downside at all. I consider EZ Keys a songwriter’s tool that happens to come with a piano, not the other way around. If you’re picky you can easily take the MIDI performance and route it through things like Ivory, or the upcoming True Keys and get phenomenal piano sounds on a performance that sounds legit.

EZ keys will be available to order on March 13th and is only going for $149 so if you’re writing original music, and can’t play piano, this is a no brainer. I’m hurting for this to get here!


~ by beardsandgear on March 1, 2012.

10 Responses to “Toontrack EZ Keys Review”

  1. Interesting new product. Based on your concerns about the piano sound, I’m guessing there’s no way to export a completed midi arrangement out of this thing. I do a lot of work with a variety of EP sounds so the lone piano sound is probably not going to satisfy me. I’m not a big fan of expansion packs, either, which is a big reason I don’t use EZ Drummer to begin with. I get better value from BFD that way.

    • You can actually export a complete arrangement and trigger other libraries with this if you need to. You can do that on EZ drummer too, FWIW. 🙂

  2. I have been shopping around for a software to teach music and basic music theory as I teach ethnomusicology. This looks to be an excellent tool for non-music majors.

    My question, will there be an expanded preset list to include world music melodies?i.e. sitar, tabla, koto, zither, etc


  3. This looks VERY cool. I’m not familiar with Ivory or the other tool you mentioned, but for me – primary instrument is guitar – this could really open up my demos.

    I took a listen to some of the demos and I’m impressed. The session player did some great work. Best part is these are ‘musical’ pieces, but there’s a lot of room to put a melody on top. That was my biggest concern, would these pieces ‘step on’ the other instruments – most importantly the vocal.

  4. As you said, the “sound” at this point is not a problem as you can plug the file into any instrument you want to get great piano sounds. I think Toontrack will keep working on it and it will become really awesome

  5. Thank you for your fine review. I’ve also looked at it with a lot of interest. So much that i’ve installed a demo. I think it’s very cool for some like you and me, that is’nt so proffesionel as piano players. And the midi riffs sound realy good. And so I think the pianosound do too. Though it is looped sounds. But it dos’nt matter: I just load Steinberg The Grand 3 or another sound in Cubase, and voila: There is a new master in town 🙂
    Theres just two things that is not okay: I can’t find any 3/4 Time signature.
    Only 6/8. And that is not the same result is it?
    And the demo is going out of tune very often It is very annoying, and I get angry about it. Why Can Toontrack not do als every other softsynth makers.
    Leave a full funktion 30 day’s demo version for us who want to try it out before buying?
    I’we tried to find a emai-contact on their site, but can not use it I hav’nt buy anything of their products yet. And I am not sure that I want to buy anything from Toontrack if it is impossible to ask about such a imprtant thing like a 3/4 time signature. I can’t even find it in the 16 pages pdf help file.
    This is realy a shame I think. Becase the program in it self has an enormous

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